The story of Quamerce

The Quamerce of today was no more than a simple idea at the beginning of 2017 when the ambitious, young Australian programmer Kaleb Smith consulted his life long friend James Priestley about starting a business and developing an eCommerce platform that they could both sell on. James suggested that they use a prebuilt solution to get things up and running as soon as possible but Kaleb insisted that he develop the platform from the ground up in a text editor to enable greater control and more room for growth.

The long journey of development then began which consisted of long sleepless nights fuelled by high amounts of caffeine. James’s prior experience working in eCommerce guided the development of the business smoothly. The business was registered on the 5th of September 2017, We launched the functional version of the website on 19th of September and our first sale was on the 2nd of October. Customers were always hesitant to buy from our website because it looked “Sketchy” due to it being a custom solution rather than a common template. James took on the role of solving this by producing style guides for Kaleb to follow in the development of the interface. Since then we have had many transactions. The development and growth of our business has exceeded both of our expectations. We plan on continuing the grow the business and hope that you, the consumer can be part of our story.

Number of orders processed by Quamerce
Live feed: 2837